Let's talk about routines v. Letifo's 3 day split

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by KetchupKing, Mar 8, 2008.

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    Note: I modify this a bit by talking some volume out, by either dropping some accessory movements or alternating them every week or 2.

    This is probably the routine that i've gotten the most results from. I've tried pretty much everything and the only thing that came close was MaxOT and to a lesser extent ripptoe's routine. I originally ran the above as 3 on 1 off, and basically did 5-6 lift days a week.

    Basically, i think the routine that works best for me is:
    • short (45min ish)
    • minimal rest days while still allowing recovery

    as a consequence, i think the routine that letifo posted is probably the best routine for people like me. Each body part gets 4 days of rest for the most part, there is lifting on most days, and the lifting doesn't last so long that I'm drained by the end of it.
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