SRS Life is interesting, a lot of choices that can inflict many different outcomes.

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    I know most of the times I write here about the bad, lets face it most people only dwell on the bad. When its good no reason to talk, its good. But I guess maybe the reason of this post is to lay out to myself what is going through my head.

    Recently my job has increased for the better, so far. I basically had a job change that suits me a lot better, gives me a lot more power but at the same time responsibility. It definitely has lifted me up to the same level as most of the executive committee just without the pay. I am really thinking of discussing my current pay over this depending on my proficiency at this new position. It does make work a lot easier for me since I don't dread coming in as much. But its not where I want to be. In turn I have been trying to launch the products that my partner and I have done on the side and with that we have started or at least it feels that we have moved forward on starting our comic, which I am hoping gains steam to become something. Mainly because the team I have comprised to work on this are close friends and I want them to be able to develop team skills and to help them make more money than they do now. Today actually was the first day that I came back to the idea of going back to school. Mainly for music and getting some education on the topic and to help develop my DJing and production onto a higher level. I already have a Bachelors in Design, but I love education, probably because it feels like I have a progression, a target, a goal. I am also on the verge of ordering my new car, mainly because I am over the stage of my life where my current car was cool. I hate it, i don't like driving it. I hate the stereotype of it. My birthday is coming up in a week also and for some reason this might cause a choice to be involved dealing with girls. Not as big of an issue but its something on the mind. Especially because I have a feeling there is going to be a clash between feelings on these 3 certain females and I. I think I may have to choose a path on that. Generally I guess I feel that I do have a direction to take, but i really have an issue of expecting to much out of me. I don't know why I do that either. Friends and family always tell me to relax and say you are doing good, but it never seems enough. I guess it will always be a pain for me to be able to well in everything else in life but yet not understand myself.
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    I understand where are coming from. you are at a point in life were you are sucessful but you some how don't feel that way. you take the path you best make you happy. i would get you a better but i have a limited time. i will think about one.

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