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    How many people take life as an experience lived very briefly? Forever and ever throughout eternity you will never be again. We are human beings. How many people live for money, are paranoid about money? How shameful is that? How do YOU experience what life has to offer? What do you consider important? What do you think about all day? What are you looking for as you age closer and closer to death? Do you know history? What have human being endured in the past? How do their experiences compare to yours? What time period would you think is the best to live in? Do you even know your own mind? Do you have an imagination?

    I came to a realization that I am not a shallow person. Am I the only one who thinks most people lack heart these days? I want to live, I want to love. When I am 10 seconds away from certain death, I want to say to myself that I had a most wonderful time here in life. That I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful adventure. No erasers, no second chances, just lived because I didn't have much time.

    What desensitizes us so much? I for one believe that the constant bombardment of advertisements on buses, benches, tv, in magazines, and everywhere else tells us how to live. And that way of living is poor, dry, and needy. Or is this desensitization just a side effect of aging? What would you say was the highlight of your life so far?

    I may have said that I have never had a girlfriend. I havn't by most peoples ideas of what a girlfriend is. But I have loved girls before in the past. I can't remember much about those times, except that in the end it did cause me pain a few times. Still, the love was what I lived for. What is a substitute for love?

    I don't know why I have such a negative view of women. Why I judge them so harshly. I guess I just haven't met a woman who isn't a fucking product of glamor magazine, again going back to my belief about advertisements effect on people. I just want to find something that's real.

    Everyone should act and live from the heart. Throw your fucking tv out the window, burn your magazines, tell greedy corporations to fuck themselves. They are destroying you. American humanity is dying.

    Live to love, and love to live.
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    Advertising and big business is destroying culture IMO. People are learning how to look and behave from TV shows and from billboards rather than from actual role models or their parents. Its disgusting.
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    I feel the same exact thing dude. The common culture of our time seems to be based around "anti-morals," thus the need to do whatever anyone wants, get drunk on a daily basis, hook up with anyone, try to be like everything thats printed as being "hot."
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    Because money, to a point, is absolutely required for survival. I fail to understand how people do not realize this.

    Why do you work? Because it gets you a paycheck. But why do you need a paycheck? Because you need money to live.

    If being paranoid about money is "shameful," then quit your job and tell me how great your life is then.

    The only way you could quit your job and continue to survive would be if you had enough money to live off of already; because money is required for survival.

    Maybe you're not too worried about money... and then maybe one day, for whatever reason, you need some medical procedure that, after insurance is done helping out, you still owe $500k for. Can you afford that? No? Looks like you're fucked because either a) you're not getting the procedure or b) you'll be in debt for the rest of your life. But I guess option b wouldn't be too bad for you, right? Because money isn't important to you so who cares if you're in debt!

    Hate working? Want to retire? Do you have enough money to live comfortably off of interest and passive income for the rest of your life? Remember, money is required for survival. You need to buy food, shelter, and clothing. Well, you're not going to retire if you don't have a lot of money, so I hope you're ready to work into old age.

    It's not shameful at all. Three things are required to fully experience life: Health, wealth, and love. You really cannot neglect any of those... so for something that is an entire 1/3 of life, I'd say it's not shameful at all to place a lot of importance on it.

    Maximize your health. Go to the doctor. Work out. Be as proactive as you can. Hope for no unforeseen circumstances.

    Wealth. Be as proactive as you can. Needing money and not having it will fuck you over.

    Love. The one thing you can't necessarily improve over time. You can generally increase your health and wealth over time, but because love involves the emotions of another person, its not as realistic to expect constant progress.

    Health, Weath, and Love.

    Same three things.

    Enough to know that not having money = more potential for being screwed over in life.

    Wanting to survive is not shallow. I want a ton of money. Call me shallow. I want to make sure I'm never in a situation where I can't afford something. I want to put my kids through college. I want to retire ASAP. I want to be able to survive the worst financial crisis like it was nothing. If I run into an emergency that costs me $500k, I want to say "well, that was such a small portion of my net worth... who cares! It was only $500k."

    I'm a long way away from that.
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    this toilet earth
    money, cash, hos, money cash hos nigga

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