light went out in integra dash

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Kyle, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Kyle

    Kyle Guest

    Is there an easy way to fix this (ie. taking off dash and popping in a new light) or is it a multi-day hourssss deal? It's the middle one :/
  2. KeeperOfAcheron

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    Sep 8, 2003
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    Sure its just the bulb? Did you check all the fuses?

    What bulb went out?
  3. Yop

    Yop Guest

    dash bulbs are annoying to replace, why not just get indiglo gauges?
  4. Dr.EtNiEs

    Dr.EtNiEs Guest

    indiglo= rice, rice = :greddy:
  5. Kyle

    Kyle Guest

    It's my girlfriends car, it's just the middle one behind the speedo & tach.
  6. Kyle

    Kyle Guest

    indiglo = lame
  7. CaveTch

    CaveTch Guest

    Its pretty easy 2 take the gauge cluster out. An hour in and out (with the right person working on it)

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