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    note:until direct links are fixed, left click and follow the dnbshare links to the dl pages and save from there.

    LightsOut//Cryobiotic Feb 2008 Tracklist

    1.Evol Intent, Ewun, and Spor-Levitate (Lifted)
    >Fierce and Usual Suspects-Sawn Off (Renegade Hardware)
    2.Misanthrop and Phace-Off Center (Shadow Law)
    3.Dylan and SPL-Dark Soul (Bastard Child)
    4.Proket-Show Me (Offkey)
    5.Panacea and Raiden-Connect the Dots (Position Chrome)
    6.Mike Humphries and Glen Wilson-Aural Exciter (The Sect remix)(Subsistenz)
    7.Narcosis-Escape Route (Industry)
    8.Break-No Company (Shadow Law)
    9.Cause 4 Concern-Never Acid Again (C4C)
    10.Bad Company-Bullet Time (BC)
    11.Limewax-Demolished (Lost Soul)
    12.Vertical-99% (unsigned)
    13.Axis and Trank-Blood Money (Algorhythm)
    >Kemal-Bleed (Negative)
    14.Noisia and Phace-Cannonball (Vision)
    15.The Countamen and Alley Cat-Payload(Konflict rmx)(Skunkrock)
    16.Raiden-Pinball(Proket remix)(Offkey Digital)
    17.Chimaera-Neolights (Phunckateck)
    18.Hive and John Tejada-Ambush (commercial Suicide)
    19.Ewun and Spor-We Dominate (Lifted)
    20.Niskala-Movement (dub)
    >Decoder-Turnover (Hardleaders)

    LightsOut - Vortex of the Mind July 2007 dnb mix ... ly2007.mp3


    1.Vicious Circle-Welcome to Shanktown (Renegade Hardware)
    >Kemal-Bleed (Negative)
    2.Proket-Locomotive (Sinuous)
    3.The Sect-Tyrant (Position Chrome)
    4.Audio and The Panacea-Designed for War (Freak)
    5.Bulletproof-Anthrax (Perspective)
    6.Codex-Ring (Sinuous)
    7.Break-Gunk (DNAudio)
    8.Black Sun Empire-The Cooler(Audio rmx) (BSE)
    >Dillinja-Fluid (Test)
    9.Universal Project-Bleach (Unknown Error rmx) (UP)
    10.Shimon-The Shadow Knows (Ram)
    11.Nphect-Crysis (Subtitles)
    12.Raiden and Proket-Skafandr (Offkey)
    >Moving Fusion-Blackhole (Ram)
    13.Masheen-Distant Echo (Sinuous)
    14.Bulletproof-Nephilim (Kemal and Rob Data rmx)(Perspective)
    15.Sinthetix-Hypochondriac (DSCI4)
    16.Dose-Fear Feeder (Syndrome Audio)
    17.Phace-3002 (Subtitles)
    18.Quadrant-My Beautiful Liar (Renegade Hardware)
    19.Bad Company-The Pulse (Prototype)

    LightsOut_Tentacles_mix april 07 ... pril07.mp3

    1.Phace-Open your Eyes(Subtitles)
    >Konflict-The Beckoning(Renegade Hardware)
    2.Break + Silent Witness-We Know(DNAudio)
    4.Audio,Dylan,+Robyn Chaos-Rapture(Freak)
    5.Amex + Kaiza-Schrinz(Tilt)
    >Josh Wink-Evil Acid version 1(Ovum)
    >Technical Itch-Reborn(Moving Shadow)
    8.Break + Hydro-Future(Levitated)
    9.Subsonik + Stu C4C-Stalker(C4C dub)
    10.Noisia + Phace-Crevice(Subtitles)
    11.Teebee-Bounce(Photek Productions)
    12.Ed Rush + Optical-Mystery Machine(Virus)
    13.Noisia + Phace-Outsource(Misanthrop rmx)(Syndrome Audio)
    14.Universal Project-The Truth(UP)
    15.Niskala-Dissent(Intasound dub)
    16.Technical Itch-Death Jazz(Tech Itch)
    >Twisted Anger-Dread come to Conquer(Dread)
    17.Arsenic-Aneurysm(Evol Intent)
    18.Limewax-Raptor(Tech Freak)
    19.Current Value-Strange Peace(Tech Itch)


    LightsOut - Taking Turns - January 2007

    1.Spor-Knock You Down (Lifted)
    >Matrix-Apache (Virus)
    2.Culture Shock-The Bypass (Ram)
    3.Audio-My Generation (Habit)
    4.SPL-Nihil (Lost Soul)
    >Stakka + Skynet and Kemal + Rob Data-Bios Fear (Underfire)
    5.Cannon Boys-Paranoid Visions (Collective)
    6.Kemal-Pace (Cryptic Audio)
    7.Misanthrop-Strange Planet (Catacomb remix) (Shadybrain)
    8.4 Eva Blesst-Frightening Apparitions (unsigned)
    9.The Sect-Axon (Obscene)
    10.Teebee-Lost (Shogun Audio)
    11.Evol Intent + Mayhem + Thinktank-Broken Sword (Human)
    12.Ewun-Screw Up (Lifted)
    >Adam F-Metropolis (Metalheadz)
    13.Gein-Simon (Tech Itch)
    >Concord Dawn-Blow (Uprising)
    14.Current Value-What's In It (Obscene)
    >Technical Itch-Deadline (Moving Shadow) ... gTurns.mp3


    LightsOut-Classic Darkness vol. 1- Nov. 2006

    1.dillinja-fluid (test)
    2.jb-say what (the blind man) (back 2 basics)
    3.moving fusion-turbulence (ram)
    4.kraken-side effects (underfire)
    5.konflict-beckoning (renegade hardware)
    6.bad company-the nine (bc)
    7.dom and rymetyme-iceberg (moving shadow)
    8.biostacis-brain hack (tech itch)
    9.ed rush and optical-wormhole (virus)
    10.vertigo-the drained (droppin science)
    >twisted anger-dread come to conquer (dread)
    11.future cut-overload (renegade hardware)
    12.optical-to shape the future (metalheadz)
    13.konflict-state of mind (renegade hardware) red-9000 series (underfire)
    15.dylan-energy flash 2k (raid)
    16.matrix-temperament (virus)
    17.bad company-the pulse (prototype)
    18.universal project-bleach (up) ... ssvol1.mp3


    LightsOut-Narcomancer Aug. 06 Tracklist

    1.Audio-Destroyed (Freak)
    >Usual Suspects-Shrapnel (Renegade Hardware)
    2.EBK-Soma (Renegade Hardware)
    3.Prode + Logical-El Nino (Recon)
    4.Raiden-I Hate You Motherfuckers (Freak)
    >Moving Fusion-Peacekeeper (Ram)
    5.Break + Silent Witness-The Question (DNAudio)
    6.Audio-No Soul (Habit)
    7.Teebee + Future Prophecies-Subcrisis (Subtitles)
    8.Misanthrop-Stop Criterion (Subtitles)
    9.Ed Rush + Optical-Slip Thru (Virus)
    10.Gridlok-Fifth Dimension (Violence)
    11.Corrupt Souls-Wounds & Plaster (Freak)
    >Future Cut-Specialist (Infrared)
    12.TZA-Hunker Down (Barcode)
    13.ASC-Mind Control (Test Flight)
    14.Unknown Error-Struggle (Moving Shadow)
    15.SubFocus-Flamenco (Ram)
    16.Trace + Tactile-Body Move (Commercial Suicide)
    17.Stakka + Skynet-Clockwork (Underfire)
    18.The Chosen-Adversity (Habit) ... mancer.mp3


    LightsOut-unlearning June 06

    1.Tetradin-Brainwave Assassin (Renegade Hardware)
    >Ram Trilogy-Mindscan (Ed Rush and Optical remix) (Ram)
    2.Noisia, Mayhem, and Verse-Choke (Vision)
    3.Absolute Zero and Subphonics-The Code (Future Cut remix) (Renegade Hardware)
    >DJ Rap feat. Top Cat-Ruffest Gun Ark (Jungle Fashion)
    4.Dom and Gridlok-Hooked (Project 51)
    5.Propaganda-Axis and Allies (Offkey)
    6.Break-Extreme Moments (Subtitles)
    7.Nphect-Slith (Renegade Hardware)
    8.Rascal and Klone-The Reprise (Urban Takeover)
    9.Dom and Gridlok-Moodswings (Dom and Roland Productions)
    >Konflict-Phobia (Renegade Hardware)
    10.Profound Noize-Luminous (Underfire)
    11.Vortex Involute-A Nation (Outbreak)
    12.Teebee-Let Go (Subtitles)
    13.Limewax and SPL-Spirits (Freak)
    14.Ink, Kwest, and J-Dub-Titan (Architecture)
    15.Technical Itch-Don't Go (Penetration)
    16.Noisia- The Tide (Vision) ... arning.mp3

    LightsOut-Punisher june 06 mix

    LightsOut-Punisher may 2006 Tracklist

    1.Mumblz and Dave Akuma-Testing Reality (Evol Intent)
    >Digital-Deadline (31)
    2.Biostacis-Menace (Tech Itch)
    3.Propaganda-The Real (Offkey)
    4.Silent Witness-Triple Seed (DNAudio)
    5.Noisia, Phace, and Stu C4C-Dead Air (Renegade Hardware)
    >Bad Company-Hysteria (BC)
    6.Corrupt Souls-Skyclad (Disturbed)
    >Kemal and Rob Data-The Mummy (Negative)
    7.Quadrant-Manipulated Living (Renegade Hardware)
    >Bad Company-The Nine (BC)
    8.The Chosen-The Mole (Habit)
    9.Basic Operations-White(Tetradin remix) (Obscene)
    >Keaton and Hive-The Plague (Renegade Hardware)
    10.Kryptic Minds and Leon Switch-More Like You(Unknown Error remix) (Defcom)
    11.Teebee and Calyx-The Quest (Subtitles)
    12.Bulletproof-Echelon (Perspective)
    13.Vector Burn-Paradise Lost(D Star remix) (Human)
    14.Limewax-666 (Freak)
    >Rufige Cru-Terminator (Danny C remix) (Metalheadz)
    15.Ink-Training Day (Renegade Hardware)
    16.Universal Project-Jackhammer (Cylon)
    17.Noisia and Teebee-Lost Cause (Vision)
    >Dillinja-Fluid (Test)
    18.Special Forces-Sidewinder (Infiltrata and Hochi remix) (Photek Productions)

    Lightsout-Re Generation Tracklist

    1.Noisia and Mayhem-Moonway Renegade(Ram)
    >Special Forces-Something Else (The Bleeps Tune)(Photek Productions)
    2.Skynet-Broken Law(Hostile)
    3.Universal Project and Vicious Circle-Hellrazor(Universal Project)
    4.DK8-Murder was the Bass (Raiden remix)(ELP)
    5.Gridlok-Hard as fudge(Violence)
    6.Spor-The Eyes have it(Renegade Hardware)
    >Bad Company-The Pulse(Prototype)
    7.UFO!-My Personal Blackmail (Konflict remix)(Skunkrock)
    >Dylan-Spasm(Renegade Hardware)
    10.Impulse and Submerged-Trapped(Subtitles)
    11.Teebee-Choices(Renegade Hardware)
    12.Sub Focus-Juno(Ram)
    13.Gridlok-The Search(Audio Blueprint)
    15.D Kay-Serenade(Brigand) ... ration.mp3

    LightsOut-Freezerburn Tracklist

    1.SPL-Deus Ex Machina (Tech Itch)
    >Fresh-Signal (Ram)
    2.Kid Kryptic-The Way (Evol Intent)
    3.Break-Don't Rush It (Metalheadz)
    4.Gridlok and Echo-Ether (Project 51)
    5.Corrupt Souls and HYX-Brood X (Obsessions)
    >Stakka and Skynet feat. Kemal and Rob Data-Bios-Fear (Underfire)
    6.Mayhem and Psidream-Unsung (Red Light)
    7.Shimon and Moving Fusion-Mysterons (Baron rmx) (Ram)
    8.Break-No Destiny (Commercial Suicide)
    9.Rascal and Klone-Hyper Kinetic (Frequency)
    >Teebee-Space Age rmx (Certificate 18 )
    10.Prode-Borer (Revolution)
    11.Raiden and Propaganda-Machine Soul (Offkey)
    12.Upbeats-Oiled Up (Habit)
    13.Dom and Rymetime-Iceberg (Moving Shadow)
    >Concord Dawn-Morning Light (Timeless)
    14.Limewax-Changing Crisis (Tech Itch)
    15.SPL-It Won't Stop (Tech Itch)
    >Ink-Murder Inc. (Twisted Anger rmx) (Hardware)
    16.Evol Intent and Ewun-8 Bit Bitch (Evol Intent)
    17.Sub Focus-Citizen Kane (Ram)
    >Bad Company-4 Days (Moving Fusion rmx) (BC) ... erburn.mp3

    LightsOut-Avenues and Alleyways 62:10 ... eyways.mp3

    1.Hive, Keaton, + Gridlok-California Schemin (Violence)
    >>Hive + Keaton-Bring It On (Violence)
    2.Capone-Style Baby (Test)
    3.Raiden-Working Class Heroes (Renegade Hardware)
    >>Dylan-Spasm (Renegade Hardware)
    4.Temper D + K Fire-The Decision (G2)
    5.Kaos, Karl K, + Jae Kennedy-Soul On Fire (Atlas)
    6.Prolix-Innocence (Renegade Hardware)
    7.Arcane-Implant (Audio Blueprint)
    8.Gyromite + Subsonik-After All (Cymbalism)
    >>Pendulum-Spiral (Uprising)
    9.Teebee + K-Arctix (Audio Couture)
    10.Gridlok-Mass Transit (Violence)
    11.Ed Rush + Optical-Medicine (Matrix Remix) (Virus)
    12.Psidream-Orbiting Earth (Habit)
    13.Cause 4 Concern-Soul (Matrix + Fierce Remix) (C4C)
    14.Amit-Immigrants (Bingo)
    15.Dylan-Storm Clouds (Raid)
    16.Exile-Devil's Chimney (Evol Intent)
    17.Hive-Against the Grain (Metalheadz)
    18.Source Direct-Haunted (Science)

    _______________ ... ercide.mp3


    Othercide 53:03

    1.Kemal + Dresden Codex-Afterglow(Cryptic Audio)
    3.Corrupt Souls-Machines(Circle)
    5.Gridlok-Kreepy Killa(Technorganic)
    6.Konflict-Obsidian(Deeper Realms)
    7.Biostacis-Flashpoint(Audio Couture)
    8.Chase + Status-Barbarians(Hardware)
    >Future Cut-Whiplash(Hardware)
    9.Spor-Dante's Inferno(Barcode)
    10.Source Direct-Mind Weaver(Science)
    11.Tactile-Spaced Out(Timeless)
    12.Teebee-Quiet Moments(Subtitles)
    13.Bad Company-Toxin(BC)
    14.Psidream and Mechwarrior-Pressure Point(Barcode)
    15.Ewun-The Divide(Evol Intent)

    LightsOut-Passed Life July 2005

    1.Chase+Status-Wizard Killa(Barcode)
    >J majik-The Lizard(Infrared)
    3.Kaoss+Extract-Surfer Rosa(Cymbalism)
    4.Noisia-Cold Veins(Moving Shadow)
    5.ASC+Intex Systems-Drum Track 2(The venom)(Offshore)
    6.Teebee+Photek-Mercury(Photek Productions)
    7.Amit-Second Cut(Bingo)
    8.Dom+Kemal-Ethnicity(Moving Shadow)
    10.Noisia, Mayhem, +Pacific-Centepod(Obsessions)
    11.Bad Company-Oxygen(The Drilla Killa)(BC)
    13.Corrupt Souls-1138(BSE)
    14.Prolix+Nocturnal-Crater(Renegade Hardware)
    >Stakka+Skynet feat. Kemal+Rob Data-Bios Fear(Underfire)
    15.Raiden-Fatal Statistic(Transparent)
    16.Konflict-Roadblock(Renegade Hardware)
    18.Dylan+B Key-The Whorror(Freak)
    >Future Cut-Whiplash(Renegade Hardware) ... edlife.mp3

    Hope you all enjoy! all feedback is much appreciated
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