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    Ok, so some of the linux guys keep telling me Linux is enterprise ready. So, here is the deal. I'll post a fictional company, and you linux guys tell me what you would do to migrate them to a All Linux Nirvana*. Keep the following in mind:

    1. Any solution must have AT LEAST the same core feature set as the system it replaces. Keep this especially in mind with printing (must provide features of printers). Assume HP LaserJet 4500's (color) and 3100's except for the Xerox WorkCentres. Laserjets have multiple trays with different paper.

    2. Don't worry about hardware specs, just software (Except for Faxing and Printing!)

    3. Keep costs in mind.

    4. If you have questions about features of the software used, look it up on the web or ask me.

    5. Remote users may be behind firewalls they can't control. Any remote access must pass via port 80 or port 443.

    These specs are all based on work I have done with customers in the past. The company is a mid-large construction firm. They have 4 regional offices, and users in trailers or on site with other contractors.

    *Linux Nirvana is patent pending, SCO systems inc. All (your) rights revoked.
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    Here are the specs. I've left some stuff out but this would cover the major areas.

    4 Regional Offices (Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Tacoma), plus up to 100 project sites with various speed WAN or VPN links to those offices.

    - 350 workstations, 3 versions, all Dell.
    - Daily use software (varies by PC, but all listed below):
    - AutoCAD
    - Microsoft Project 2000
    - Microsoft Office 2000
    - Microsoft Outlook (exchange)
    - Primavera (Popular Construction project management app. )
    - Inhouse Timekeeping application, hooks to OneWorld and p3e. Written in Powerbuilder. Uses NT authentication
    - Inhouse inventory control application, hooks to OneWorld, written in Visual Basic 6
    - JD Edwards OneWorld (now PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne) ERP.
    - Internet Explorer 6
    - McAfee AntiVirus (Corp. Managed version)
    - RightFax Client - Fax software client

    - 145 Laptops, 1 version, all dell.
    - Installed Apps:
    - Primavera P3e client
    - VPN client
    - Citrix ICA client
    - Microsoft Office 2000
    - Microsoft Project 2000
    - Internet Explorer 6
    - McAfee Antivirus (Corp. Managed version)
    - ZoneLabs Integrity security client (

    - Servers
    - 5 Windows 2000 Terminal Server/Citrix Metaframe XPe servers.
    - Provide remote access for onsite project managers, work at home users, and traveling execs.
    - Provide all desktop applications (See Workstation config), plus administrative applications for admins.
    - Load balanced based on performance counters on each server.
    - Average load of 20 users per server.
    - Provides autocreated client printer support (users can print to the printers on their workstation)

    - 1 Web server, windows 2000 IIS 5.0
    - Provides corperate Intranet (written in ASP, links to ERP, P3E, and database from inhouse apps)
    - Provides Web Interface for Citrix clients ( ,web frontend for Citrix client)

    - 2 Citrix Secure Gateway Servers (one gateway, one ticket authority)
    - Provides access to Web Interface server via port 443
    - Proxy traffic to/from Terminal Servers on 443
    *If you need help with how Citrix works, let me know.

    - 4 AS/400's running IBM DB2 backend for JD Edwards, JDE Web interface (on websphere), and Oracle for Primavera and inhouse apps.

    - 5 Windows 2000 Domain controllers (1 each at Chicago, Houston, Tacome, 2 at Atlanta HQ)
    - Provide Active Directory
    - Provide DHCP
    - Provide DNS
    - Provide WINS
    - Provide Group Policies for Workstations, laptops, and Citrix sessions
    - Provide logon scripts which map network drives
    - Provides roamin user profiles for Desktop and Citrix users.

    - 8 Windows 2000 members servers (2 at each location)
    - Provide print ques
    - Provide file access for network drives
    - Store user home drives/profiles

    - 4 Windows 2000 members servers running RightFax ( 1 at each office
    - provide inbound and outbound fax management
    - Routes Faxes to/from Outlook/exchange (uses DID number to route inbound)
    - Provides least cost routing (i.e. Fax sent from user in Atlanta to a number in houston would be sent out via houston fax server)
    - All use Brooktrout boards with T1 interface (total 62 inbound DID lines)

    - 4 Windows 2000 Servers running Exchange 2000
    - outlook 2000 Clients
    - AD Integrated for user account/Mailbox mappings
    - Connector for Right Fax

    - 4 Windows 2000 Servers (1 at each site)
    - McAfee AV management server (updates, ePolicy, etc)
    - ZoneLabs management software

    - Total of 8 Xerox WorkCentre M24's (Multi-Function Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax/Email) on network in all offices.
    - Fax not used. Email to fax gateway instead (righfax/exchange)
    - Stores documents on network shares for scans.
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