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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Stupify, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. Stupify

    Stupify Active Member

    Jan 7, 2002
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    Everyone list what you have for a car audio system. Want to see what everyones running. And how many dbs your hitting.

    I'm Running

    Panasonic 701U
    1/0 Wire and 4 awg wire
    Stinger RCA's, and Stinger Speaker Wire
    MTX 81000D
    (1) DD 9015 in a 4 cu ft box tuned to 35 hz
    Crystal CPe 643s Components
    Boston RX97 6X9's

    Soon all have
    Autotek Street Machine Amplifier SX 2150 for Crystal Components
    200-250 amp alt.
    Phoenix Gold Tantrum Bass Cube

    Don't know what i'm Hitting yet sub isn't even broken in yet :big grin:
  2. TRpowerhouse

    TRpowerhouse Guest


    pioneer dexp1r have
    kenwood 4 channel
    kenwood tweets and 6x9's
    alpine type R 15" dvc HAD now blown to shit
    memphis 1500d amp on type r
    now have another 1500d and waiting till after ces for new 15" subs

    with the 15" R and the memphis 1500d i hit 145.5 in a ported box and my tuning was off for my car (50-51 htz :rolleyes: )

    and four gauge stinger hpm silver series wire :) and optima yellow topsx2
  3. Surgie

    Surgie Mein Führer, I can walk!

    Jun 24, 2001
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    Knoxville, TN
    My system is on hold for the next couple of weeks, but here's what it'll consist of when it's done...

    Pioneer Premier DEH-P730r
    PPI 3x Crossover
    Orion 6-1/2" Xtr Midbass in doors
    Pioneer 4x10"s in rear pillars (for now, looking for some CDT 4")

    MTX Thunder 2160 Amp
    Orion 4" TH Component Set in Dash

    Orion HCCA 275g4 Amp
    Orion HCCA 15d, 4.5 ft^3 net box (64 in^2 for spl [45 hz], 40 in^2 for SQ [36 hz])

    Also have an alterstart 200 amp alt going in, looking for some caps and probably a yellow top to go along with it. I have everything bought cept for caps, battery and something to replace the 4x10s. Can't wait to get it metered and go to competitions (the 45hz tuning peaks right @ 52hz which is the resonance freq of the truck [or so i've been told]) :)

    Oh, 0 ga stinger wire + accessories to a distro block, then dual 4 ga power supply to the 275g4, other 4ga to an 8ga distro block to the 2160 and powering other accessories.
  4. Axilrod

    Axilrod Guest

    Ok I'll start from the front and go back:
    Stinger SP1000 Battery
    Stinger HPM 0 Gauge Power wire to
    Stinger HPM ANL Fuseholder with 200 Amp fuse
    Alpine CVA 1005
    Alpine CHA-1214 Changer
    Stinger Queen Series RCA's (Old but bad ass)
    Diamond Audio Hex 6.5 components with silk tweeters
    Phoenix Gold Line Driver
    Alpine MRV-F407 for Hexes
    Concept CC-D2400 For sub
    Digital Designs 9512 in a 2.0 cu. ft ported box, with only 12 sq inches of port(I forget the tuning frequency(it's the box my HCCA 12 was in). The final box will be done soon, but the one it's in now is tuned way too high, and was just a temporary solution.

    Oh yeah dBs, with the sub in the wrong box as it is now did a 147.8 on the dash. It should do a 150 after i do a few more electrical upgrades and finish the box.
  5. UncleGene

    UncleGene And when I say brother, I don't mean, like, an act

    Nov 17, 2001
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    Sony CDx-4000x hu

    focal polykevlar 165k3-ways in qlogic kicks (soon to be homemade kicks)
    zapco reference 350 amp

    12" image dynamics idmax
    arcaudio 2500 cxl amp

    thanks loudsystem, :bigthumb: :bigthumb:
  6. DaBman4DSC

    DaBman4DSC Guest

  7. Nyce

    Nyce .

    Dec 20, 2001
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  8. DaBman4DSC

    DaBman4DSC Guest

    haha sup! pretty funny seein everyone at the diff. forums, diff sn's and all hahaha.. sup duud, yea that org is turnig gay!!:mad:
  9. Nyce

    Nyce .

    Dec 20, 2001
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    yuh man.... wtf is goin on....

    i'm surprised to find that there is a lot of people here from the org. i see a good deal of them on here right now hahaa,
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Alpine CDA-7875
    4 - 6 1/2 Alpine SPS629
    1 MTX 2160
    1 12inch R series Alpine
    1 Alpine MRVF307
    1 Lightning Audio Capacitor 1 farad
    MTX Crossover


    All JL Audio
  12. 1200mk

    1200mk Still same OG

    Aug 9, 2001
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    Alpine 7875
    Mb quart front components - dsd 216
    need subs....... which is better sq? eclipse alum or idq dvc?
  13. Q (_) /\ l)

    Q (_) /\ l) Lurkage

    Dec 10, 2001
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    I'm bored, but here goes.
    12 8 volt cheapo Fleet Farm Batteries running in series per 2 then, well you know, for that lovable 16 volt+ setup.
    2(+2 spare) Cerwin Vega Stroker 15 D2s Tuned to 55 hz, not good for daily driving.
    4 Earthquake PHd2s<until I can get some damn 9.0s>
    everthing else sucks more than I already listed.
    2 Rockford 800 A2s for mids and highs, I have no idea why I still have them, they were just lying around.
    Nakamichi CD-700 CD Player in the front for daily driving.
    Eclipse 7909 deck for the podium.
    2 sets of Focal Polykevlar 165K3 3-way 6.5" Components <still haven't built build outs or kicks yet to house both pair, so one is in right now.>
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2002
  14. Guest

    Guest Guest may have all those fancy wancy car stereo systems, but nothing beats my setup......a radio!!!!

    Hell yeah, nothing better than radio. With little speakers. Thats where the actions at!!! :bj:

    - Compulsive_Macaddict
  15. mtxzx2

    mtxzx2 Guest

    Planet Audio HVT7100
    MTX 500d
    ID Chameleon comps on the way
    aiwa HU (new one coming very soon)
    shitty MTX 12"s on their way out the door in the next few months
  16. flynfrog

    flynfrog Cool isnt Cheap

    Jul 16, 2001
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    kenwood ps909 + a 12 disk changer
    kenwood full din digital eq with spec analzer
    2 atomic thunder shocker2 12s
    earthquake audio D2
    sony es 1 ohm drive 4chn the old golds ones the good ones not the shitty red explode one
    pioneer hihgs and mids most expensive coaxs im to lazy to build kicks right now
    all mosnter cable wire
    1/0 gage stinger conectors

    and its all for sale eamil me if interested
  17. CGann

    CGann Guest

    Eclipse 8051
    (2) 2xs AudioControl Crossovers
    Boston Acoustics Pro 6.5 componets
    Rockford Fosgate 12' Hx2 in a 3.7 Cubic Ported Box
    Rockford Fosgate Chrome Punch Power 50.2 Amp
    Crossfire 142 amp
    Lightening Audio Wiring

    I have yet to test my DB's on my ride yet, but I hear nothing but good things. :bigthumb:
  18. deh310

    deh310 and what have i become...

    Nov 23, 2000
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    the last frontier
    car audio is SOOO COOL!!! a home audio system is where its really at. Im just messing with you guys, Im into both pretty heavily. Goddamn expensive hobbie though :mad: Anyways:

    Car (not at the moment but in my last car soon to be transfered over)

    Clarion 9575z HU
    Clarion DP-7500z signal proccesor
    Kenwood Excelon 501 4ch amp
    Rockford Fosgate Fan. Q's 6.5" components all around
    PG xs-3200 (?) sub amp
    2 12" Eclipse Titaniums

    in the home
    Denon AVR-3300 Reciever
    4 Klipsh SF-2's
    Klipsh SC-1 center channel
    Mirage BP-1500 (?) 15" 1000 watt sub
  19. DSHR

    DSHR Well-Known Member

    Jun 4, 2000
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    Alpine HU
    (2) 12" Kicker C12A
    Crunch Amp
  20. Faygo

    Faygo Got any room in your pocket for a little spare Cha

    Dec 28, 2001
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    Pioneer P930
    AC 4.1
    Soundstream Picasso
    MBQuart 2216cx
    Memphis SHP10(x3)
    Cadence A7(x3)
    1/0 wire
    couple of extra batteries
    in a daily driver

    working on a comp only vehicle with either 2 DD9515s or 2 Shocker Audio Xtreme 15s I've got both so which ever one does better during testing will go in the vehicle and the others will be backup
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    "hybrid system"...

    JVC Deck w/ remote 45X4
    Sony Xplode 160 Watt 61/2 3 Ways All around
    Infinity 202a Amp 300x2
    Pioneer 12 inch Subs/Sealed box
    Lightning audio Distr block
    Monster wires
    RF gold pos battery Clamp
  22. 04

    04 Guest

    Here is what I have in my car RIGHT NOW. Hopefully soon I will have some upgrades! :big grin:

    Factory ford HU w/cd player
    Aura 6channel x 50w RMS amplifier, 4 channels bridged to two subs currently
    2 cheap 10" MCM house brand aluminum dual 2ohm VC subs.
    1.5cuft for both sealed box (built by me)

    That is all
    Hopefully I will get a new head unit soon, so I can put my Stryke SAE 1204 12" sub (its like a shiva only has a cast aluminum basket and a 2.5inch diameter VC) in the car. Also, I will build the plates I need for my component speakers.
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Nakamichi CD45z
    Sony mobile ES sub & high amps
    JL 10w6 sub in custom (by me!:big grin: ) glass box
    stock highs
  24. MZ2215

    MZ2215 Yep

    Jul 21, 2001
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    Pioneer Deh-P7200
    RF Punch 160a2
    Infinity Reference 6.5" comps
    RF Power 500a2
    Kicker Solo L7 "12, in custom ported fiberglass box in spare tire well, tuned to 37hz(made by me)
    100sq. Ft. of B-quiet on doors and trunk

    I'd like to say I am hitting low 140's, but I've never been metered, so I don't know. I seriously doubt it though.
  25. Highlander_77

    Highlander_77 Wicked smaht

    Dec 7, 2000
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    New England
    Car: 2001 Acura CL Type S

    Alpine CDA-7878 Head unit (CD & mp3)
    Alpine MRD-F752 amp (5 channel amp, 100Wx4 & 300Wx1 rms)
    Boston Acoustic Pro series 6.5
    Boston Acoustic RM9 (6x9)
    Boston Acoustic Pro series 12.5 sub

    It gets the job done:big grin:

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