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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Gandi1979, Oct 23, 2004.

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    and we don't have a water spicket thing. I hate to use the local car wash hose because i seem to never get all the soap rinsed off even if I pay 15$ just on rinse else could i do? I always have SHIT still on the bottom rocker panels...:mad: can't get the thing clean

    also i have tan leather and some leather on the drivers seat is starting to wear off ..just a scratch..what could i use to fix this?
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    In regards to the wash, try using Protectall's Quick Easy Wash. It takes about 1 gallon of water to wash a normal size car and you don't have to rinse it. Great stuff!

    I'm not sure about fixing the leather. You could try using a leather conditioner to soften it up. That might help extend its life.
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    Some apartments really suck. I was looking at one very nice complex not to long ago. They offer covered parking and garages but will not allow you to wash your car at the complex. They say it makes the place look bad.

    Leatherique is good for leather problems.
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    Fortunately my apartment complex doesn't mind...they want me to put up flyers and offer a detail service on weekends. We have a pretty decent car wash on the property and I use my PC just about every weekend on someone's car.

    If you don't have another means, QEW would be a great alternative. It does work very well. I'm sure Scottwax will chime in...he uses it all the time and his work is AMAZING! I use Poorboy's Spray & Wipe to remove light dust & waterspots and will be using QEW for my winter wash when it is too cold to wash. The 2 for $10 deal is awesome!
  5. My complex said the same thing, I started a Revolution. There are now about 20 of us that wash our cars at the complex. They tried to get all pissy w/ us but for the $1100 we pay for a 1 bedroom apt it's the least they can do. They are now even gonna set up a designated spot for us :)

    Now if only I can get them to put an electricity source out there and start detailing at home instead of in the field :)

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