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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by prototism, Dec 14, 2008.

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    I want to keep this as concise as possible.

    I am 23. Mom and dad split a year ago; separate, but do not divorce. Mom moved out. Brother (21) moves out (off and on) with his girlfriend. Father's mother moved in to parents' old room. Father moved to brother's old room.

    Father looks for help to take care of his elderly, 90-something mother, finds Linda. Linda knows how to take care of old people and connects with my grandmother. My dad sees the relationship between he and Linda as strictly platonic, for obvious emotional reasons. Linda sees it as more. Mother has no problem with Linda. Linda has no problem with mother (as far as I know).

    1. Linda is sweet and caring, but annoying as fuck. I can not stand to be in the same room as her, hear her voice, or look at her.
    2. Grandma is nice, but like all old people, very very VERY childlike. Annoyingly so. I definitely do not have the patience, so it is good Linda is there to pick up my slack.
    3. I am 23, and live at home.
    4. Not just any living-at-home situation, living at home with grandma and annoying-as-fuck ladyfriend.

    • I love my father, mother, and grandmother.
    • As much as I can't stand Linda, I still feel guilty for acting like a douche to her.
    • I am grateful for the fact I can live here.
    • I realize I am "slacking" with my grandmother.
    • I realize my intense dislike for Linda probably comes from resentment from the separation.
    • I am trying to get back into my position (or any) at my old firm to save up and move out.

    How do I deal with not being able to stand being in my own house while I save up?
    How do I treat Linda?
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    Well the obvious thing is move out. I mean I hate to sound like an age Nazi man but you are 23 years old. Finding an apartment nearby can't be that hard right, you do have a job?
  3. prototism

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    I do have a job, but it doesn't make me enough money to be able to afford to move in anywhere. Not even a shithole. Fucking San Diego.

    Moving out is my plan, but it can't happen right now. I just need to know how to cope, until I actually can move out.
  4. CorpseStreet

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    You can try finding a roomie or see if you can move in with your mother if the people you are currently living with are that annoying.
  5. Darketernal

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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    Personally i would try to be 'out of the house' as much as possible, maby you can pursue a study , and do this study somewhere else, like in the library, that way you'll be 'out of the house' for quite a bit, you work on your future, and you will be less annoyed.
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    Philly, PA
    He lives in san diego its pretty expensive there apartments are probably more than my mortgage payment for a room the size of my closet. I'd say just avoid her when possible be nice say hi or whatever but be very short with her.
  7. hellagrant

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    Sounds like Linda might not be such a bad person. You said she is taking care of your grandmother well...I think you owe it to her to try to become friends.

    My advice, suck it up for a month and be nice to Linda. Try to show her that you want to become friends with her. If by the end of the 1 month trial you can't stand her, then you might just have to move out.

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