Local Atlanta Band: State of Man

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by JustJeff, Dec 7, 2006.

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    Hey Guys! I recently signed myself up on this website called "musicSUBMIT" and it lets radio sources listen to local and unsigned bands and let them select what they like and don't like.

    I recently got a request from a band called "State of Man." They are a traditional sounding rock band. They really fit the "Rock Band" mentality, and none of that modern rock pussy shit that's around now :)

    If you want to check them out, visit www.stateofman.com

    NOW, the real purpose of this thread is to point out that they are offering their WHOLE ALBUM FOR FREE on their myspace page. Yes, that's right, a whole CD for FREE! Who wants to let that go?

    www.myspace.com/stateofman -- Click on the large banner at the top that says you can DL it for free.

    I am not someone who promotes bands, but this band really deserves it. They are awesome >.<
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