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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by megalomania, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Rather recently I bought a Broken Logitech Dinovo online hoping I could fix it, and considering my phone has bluetooth support I was wondering how would I go about transferring a few movies/photos to my computer? My current plan doesnt allow emails, so bluetooth is my only viable option of getting anything off of my phone, and Im rather lost. I've tried enabling the bluetooth on my phone and connecting to the mouses docking station, and nothing works. I've upgraded to the newest version of setpoint (drivers weren't shipped with the keyboard) and nothing still works. "My Bluetooth Places" doesn't exist, and I have no idea of what to try. Any ideas?

    One more thing, does anyone know of a way to repair the spacekey on it? I've looked online and it seems to be a common problem on all dinovo's, and I've tried taking it apart to fix it since I bought it used (no warranty). I'm planning on sending a letter, but If It's something I could fix, I'd rather not...
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    logitech makes a mobile phone suite for the divovo. i had the same problem with the setpoint when i updated to the new version. all i did was go back to the older one and problem solved. dont know why and frankly the old version works just fine.

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