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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Inferno, Sep 12, 2005.

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    So I went out and bought a logitech headset for playing games such as bf2 and general use. the instructions read like this "SETUP: plug headset into computer, put headset on, adjust headset volume."
    This being absolultely amazing in helping to set it up made me call for help from some of my friends. They don't have a clue so i decided to check with you guys... My mic isnt working, I've tried mostly everything i can think of. The headphones are fine and working properly.:ugh: I've tried basic stuff like switching the cable for the mic over to another socket and checking it wasn't muted and volume was up etc.. Any help or ideas how to get the mic working would be really appreciated. :bigthumb:
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    Under Programs->Accessories there should be a sound recorder program, try recording with that and talking into the MIC to see if it works. Make sure the volume control on the computer itself has the MIC turned on. Most soundcards are color coded and they have little pictures for the sockets, you probably did all the troubleshooting with that.

    This is why I got a USB headset -- not exactly why but . . yanno.

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