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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by P07r0457, Jun 14, 2006.

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    Okay, I'm splitting a division out on it's own. It will be called "Helica Systems". It is designed to cater custom-built, high-end workstations to those who need them. We will have a few top-notch gamer machines, along with a heavy focus on business and multimedia professionals. Our client base has a keen eye for service and quality. They will not be ripped off, but they are comfortable paying a little extra to get that back in terms of personal service, and un-paralleled quality and excellence.

    I am asking the power of OT to help me with a logo. Past threads have been met with much success, and I am hoping that this will be no different.

    There will be a reward for the choosen logo design. I haven't decided what it is. We can discuss that, and if it is reasonable, the winner can choose their reward. If they don't have a sub, for example, I could purchase them a one-year sub, if they so desire.

    If you provide an honest effort to contribute a reasonable design, even if I do not choose it, I will provide runner-up gifts for your efforts.

    Qualifications required to win contest:
    • Logo must be your own work
    • Logo must be unique and original, with no copyright or trademark infringement
    • Logo MUST be available in high-resolution. This would mean it can be scaled up to fit on a vehicle, on a window, or on a sign.
    • Upon selection as a winning logo, you must be prepared to provide the .psd file, complete with all layers in condition suitable to be edited
    • Vector format is very much encouraged, and logos offered in vector may receive favoritism when being considered.

    When picking a logo, I will be looking for a few key concepts. Good logos are:
    • Eye catching - They jump out at the user
    • Vibrant - Make me go "cool"
    • Elegant - Make me admire your logo
    • Professional - People feel confident
    • Unique - Make me feel special
    • Memorable - People recognize the company after only a glimpse of the logo

    I eagarly await your submissions. I wish all of you the best of luck.
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    You'll get better luck on OT.

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