MIL lol first bit of england drama..

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    quick rundown of the surrounding shit..
    I work alone, i run the programs I run here..
    I have a contractor that comes once a week and she is well versed in the programs we use one of the best around and in the AF she is well known and a very great person to work with imo

    well we do mapping through GIS and have a new website where people ffrom base can view maps depending on user limits adn do certain things with them and prints out letter sized maps
    saves me shit like can you measure the distance between these two
    or say a electrical guy need sto know where some HV cables are.. he can do it himself

    anyways im the user administrator on it so they set up a lil 2 hour course with the webmaster whos out of germany

    to the GSUs which are small bases like mine, alconburry and croughton
    well they wanted it at alconburry which is about 3 hours from me

    i was going to drive to croughton first and meet another guy that does my job

    I thought about not going and told Tobi this morning and she flipped out, keep in mind she is here to help me and the govt pays her company for this.. she has no control over me and i dont have to listen to her at all

    I was like im not website stupid and I can figure out how to use it, its not too hard i dont need to spend 6 hours of my day to drive for a 2 hour course

    so shes like what if i move it to croughton, im like thats fine though why couldnt of she done this weeks ago

    anyways its been moved and i was like ok

    so that was this mornig.. i get a email from this e6 at alconburry like i know im not in your chain of command and blah blah blah and this isnt a order or threat but you should take all you can in from tobi blbh albah she knows gis so well and blah blah

    i wrote back in a nice manner and was like.. I respect tobis opinion in full force but this training has nothing to do with gis or gps it has to do with website administration,... went off on him a bit not really
    i was like you are right, this is my program at fairford and if I feel I dont need ot go Ill make that choice

    I was like you dont even know me so dont judge me please...

    he wasnt rude nor was I but what was the point.. he went off on a stupid tanget

    about getting al I can from her.. i think hes mad becuase now he has to drive 1.5hours like me

    i feel its fair because its in the middle of all 3 bases now..

    plus of all 3 bases I have the biggest work load, the only base with a airfield is mine
    and alconbrery has 2 people..
    fuck shit
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    the places in between
    So who's on page 3 this morning? :naughty:
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    North East
    I got lost half way through it.
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    cliffs: lazy ppl got pussy hurt bc they now have to drive like everyone else.

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