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    Purchased a Athlon 64 3000+ plus cooling unit from him on 12/1/2006. I sent him payment using Paypal within minutes of receiving his email address, I was nice enough to add an extra $1 for Paypal fees.

    4 days later he said he would try to get it shipped out, waited 5 days and still no processor.

    Sent another PM to which he replied that he was busy but had printed out the shipping label and was dropping it off that day.

    Waited another 7 days and still no processor. He stated that he was busy and did not ship the processor out as promised but did ship it the previous day.

    Yesterday (12/20/2006, 20 days after I payed him) I received the processor in what appears to be good condition, but no heat sink or "fan" as was advertised.

    I could understand the busy part about exam week and whatnot, but when he was too busy to even PM me a reply for several days (sometimes I had to ask 2-3 times) he made dozens of posts per day. I am usually very patient, but this was extremely late, he lied to me several times and was not received as listed.

    Here is the original ad:

    Here is the text from our PM's:

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