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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by one66stang, Aug 31, 2004.

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    Taken from dpreview

    I needed a small P&S camera for when I want to travel light. Don't always want to lug around my D70.

    I bought a Nikon 3700 from RitzCamera.com last week for $399.99. Free shipping and no sales tax. I used my Amex Best Value Guarantee to match Smile Camera's $179.00 price in this months Shutterbug magazine. Amex refunded me $220.99 this morning. My cost is now $179.00. Now I will send in my Nikon 3700, $100.00 rebate form. Total cost for a US model Nikon 3700, $79.00. You got to love it!
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    Only some AMEX cards have that deal, and there have been some folks using that promo to get their D70s kits for body prices. :eek3:
    My AMEX doesnt have that.

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