CAR Looked at Milch online and had NiggaPHX420 bring it to me

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Apr 8, 2006
Managed to find this for a decent price because I saw it within about 3 hours of it being listed and had a deposit on it within another hour of that. Seller found a deal on a 997 and needed to dump this to move on it,

Finally got it here Tuesday late late night and then left to go out of state to see family. Got a chance to wash it today and get it into the garage (had to make room and get the Camaro on castors so I could move it to get all 3 to fit), didn't have time to get new pics so you get the for sale pics.

2007 Cayman S 6MT
93k miles
Basalt Black over Black
Heated seats
Preferred Package Plus
Auto climate
997 CS wheels
(ie a bunch of shit that's standard these days LOL)

No sport chrono or sport exhaust - Wish it at least had the exhaust because I'd love this thing to be a little louder. More intake growl would be even better actually.
Sport chrono isn't a big loss as it really didn't change much in this era

Lots of maintenance records done, needed brakes which I have ordered - Will do those next week - Was told it needed rear tires but they're at 4.5-5/32 so they'll last a while yet
Has Koni Yellows and H&R springs but otherwise stock, which is nice.
Really nice condition overall, Drives amazingly well for a car that is 15 years old.

Gotta get the rest of the garage cleaned up after I do the brakes. At least it is organized enough to get all 3 cars in it, but it needs all new shelving, new lighting, and some more organization yet. At least it's no longer a dumping ground for stuff we weren't sure where to place in the house, and no longer has a lot of stuff that should have been in the barn in it :dunno:

FB_IMG_1638739378452.jpg received_1270442166756800.jpeg received_2110085059145160.jpeg FB_IMG_1638739387855.jpg FB_IMG_1638739390782.jpg FB_IMG_1638739394905.jpg FB_IMG_1638739396762.jpg 270033423_4492581294202395_8391548882525876196_n.jpg
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Mar 12, 2004
San Francisco
Do the Gundo hack on the muffler, it’s essentially the same as the sport exhaust except it’s always “on”.

For brake pads get Ferodo DS2500 pads, they are a terrific pad for both street and track.


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