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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Brian May, May 16, 2009.

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    My current beater is a 96 Impreza. Mechanically the car runs great, but a coupe isn't too practical for me anymore...and I fucking HATE the EJ18 :mad:


    I browsed autotrader and found a 99 Legacy anniversary edition wagon. 2.2L 5 speed with moonroof, power windows/locks/mirrors, cruise, alloys. 158K miles

    I know the EJ18 liked to leak oil from the cam seals, as did the 2.5 from that generation. 2.5L also had head gasket issues. I'm not too familiar with the 2.2L but it looks pretty similar to my EJ18.

    I'm going to look at the car tomorrow, can OT Subaru crew recommend any specific issues to look out for on this car? It looks like it was maintained well and the carfax I ran on it came up clean (2 owners, no accidents/theft/etc)

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