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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by RalphL, Sep 10, 2008.

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    I'm 17 and have been wanting a bike for quite some time. I have ridden mopeds/scooters for a few years and want something bigger. I was looking at getting a ninja 250 (I can find one for about 2000-2500 in my area). I want to know about how much money I'm going to need to get a bike, gear, license, and take the MSF. I want to get the bike next year when I turn 18 and want to know if I'll be able to afford it. Any estimates on how much everything is going to run me? I know insurance might be a lot since im young but my dad might let me keep the bike under his name and pay the insurance with my own money.
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    $100-200 HJC or scorpion helmet
    $150-200ish - Decent mesh jacket
    $50 - Good gloves
    $80 - boots

    check out newenough.com .. pretty sick deals, though i'd try on all that stuff in a store to get the right size before buying online

    insurance is really random. don't settle on the company you insure your car with, state farm is usually cheap. if you buy a cheaper bike and have a garage for it, you might always consider insuring just liability. it'll be dirt cheap, just a thought, wouldn't do it on a brand new k8 gsxr :o

    msf is cheap if you have one by you, unless you go through harley then it's like $300.

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