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    Hey All,

    I work for Liferay (http://www.liferay.com) and we are looking to hire some java developers for a project we have coming up. The position would be contract with the option to hire, and pay is based on experience.

    If you have the following skiils:
    jQuery is a big plus

    and are looking for a new place to work, pm me or email me ([email protected]) and we can setup an interview.

    This job involves quite a bit of travel. My current schedule is:

    Sunday I leave Los Angeles for Columbus, OH
    Thursday night I leave Columbus for LAX.

    I do this every week and have done so for over a year. If you aren't willing to travel at all, don't email me as we need people that can travel. The company is willing to relocate you through corporate housing if you choose to live near the client site. Of course all travel expenses are paid by the company and you will get a per diem (The project I'm on gives $40 a day).

    Drop me a line!

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