Looking for a good external SCSI RAID box

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by DAN513, Aug 1, 2007.

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    Anyone got a recommendation on one? I've got 5 73GB 10K RPM drives in my server now that I'm upgrading to 146's and will have those 5 73's as well as I already have 5 36's left from last summer. The drives are all 80pin hot swap, so ideally something that will accept 80pin without having to mess with 68-80 pin adapters would be preferred.
    I've found a bunch online, but I'm looking for a decent brand.
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    i don't know of a brand/controller that is the best, i'm not a brand whore like some idiots are, but if i were in your situation, i would get a used HP/Compaq,StorageTek,Sun,IBM scsi array that accepts your SCA drives. and one that canobviously connect to your scsi card/controller.

    i've used all of these brands, i don't remember the model numbers, but in the 7-8 years i've had to play with them... nothing really out of the ordinary has happened with any of them just as long as you understand their limits. this goes with the units themselves, not the vendor support. that's a whole other story.

    you should be able to find a cheap one with a hardware raid controller(s) on them, probably with some dead cache...

    got any uni's by you? see if they have a surplus warehouse for the public. you may find something there. when the large corps by me throw away their stuff like this, the only people that know are internal or regional friends/colleages. uni surplus is easier to come by for the public. there's always ebay or craigslist

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