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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Criztiano, Apr 14, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    I've been looking for a smaller compact wireless keyboard than my current one as I don't use my keyboard in a fixed place on a desk. My PC is under the stairs in a cupboard and I have the LCD monitor etc in my living room with the wireless k/b and mouse :)

    I looking for a keyboard without the numeric pad. I know keypads come in useful but most are 20% of the width of a keyboard and for the amount of use I can't understand why 99% of keyboards still have the industrial type layout as they just waste space in my eyes :squint:. Yeah I know some people use them but would they really miss it if it wasn't there and how many people have slideout trays on their desks and have limited mouse space? :big grin:

    I've noticed the Logitech Di Novo Laser has this feature I want but even so it makes up the loss of the keypad by making the height greater by wasting space top and bottom :rolleyes:. It's also pretty pricey, £120 or £80-£90 on eBay, and the numeric media keypad isn't something I need either


    this one is pretty cool from Accuratus in it's layout and even has a rollerball. Sad thing is that it's not only infra-red, it's for the PS :(


    this one looks a little tacky and still wastes space, PRISMIQ MediaPlayer Keyboard but I would prefer the mouse buttons beside the mouse control so you can type and mouse at the same time :)


    my current choice though is the ione Scorpius P20 as looks like a good piece of kit. Again it has the mouse keys on the left, shame they don't have the buttons on both sides :(


    are there any others that I might be missing that people have seen

    cheers :)

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