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    Trying to find the artist and name of a song. Can't find it any where. It's a slower song. Any help is appreciated :bowdown:. Here are the lyrics:

    Do I cross your mind
    when its rainin outside
    when your walkin right back our old place
    Did you ever try to call
    I'm takin the pictures off the wall
    and I'm movin on with out you
    its hard to say

    monday was the same old routine
    I wake up every morning and your not there with me


    I miss your kiss
    I miss your smile
    sayin I love you and goodnight
    I miss your love so hard to find

    and when I'm lookin in your eyes
    I see every thing I need in this world
    you're my baby, you're my girl

    ****end Chorus***

    Tonight could be the night
    I got the roses and the wine
    Lets start a brand new life and get away
    Did it ever cross your mind
    I've been waiting my whole life
    to find some one like you
    its hard to say

    I want you to wake up each day with me
    I just got one more question
    let me get down on a knee

    repeat Chorus

    Repeat Chorus

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