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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Titan King, Jan 6, 2008.

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    Hey guys, I've been through some bad times lately. I bought a $215 GSS arcade script and lunarpages web hosting however things started to go wrong with my paypal account, it was hacked basically and then paypal seeing different IP's log on to it, limited it. So the hosting payment was reversed. Not my arcade payment, thats still intact.

    My arcade and domain are all set however the hosting ($95) or so needs to be paid for. This is really painstaking for me and I have to earn money for the hosting to get my arcade back. My history was in around 1 week of running the site, I started getting 180 uniques a day by simply promoting my site in forums. I was getting started till the hosting payment was reversed. Now I have to pay for hosting.

    www.ultimatearcadezone.com (The link won't work, it takes you to a temporary lunarpages page)

    EDIT: Here is a pic of the arcade a while back I took for use on DP.


    So I wanted to ask the best ways of going about getting my hosting back - Should I just start doing small jobs or is there any one here who needs a blogger


    Is there anyone here who would agree to pay for the hosting in exchange for 50% of all revenue made by the arcade site?
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