Looking for the name of a car related movie.

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Roby, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. Roby

    Roby Guest

    It was the one were the kid finds the old chevy under the football field
    that his dad buried there years before, and he gets chaced by the cops
    and pulls into a paint booth and the cops end up loosing him..
    Anyone remeber?

    >> More info

    They're trying to raise money to save their high school so
    this kid starts drag racing and putting his profits towards their cause. At
    the end there was some kind of race where they had to get across town in a
    certain amount of time. It's funny that there was a chevy stashed under the
    football field. I remember something about winning a jukebox too.

  2. 97WS6

    97WS6 Guest

    Playing GTA 3/4 on acid again were you?:slap: :big grin:
  3. sirlot

    sirlot Guest

    It's called 'Catch Me If You Can'. older movie.
  4. Roby

    Roby Guest

    Much Thanks!
  5. TwoFast4Lv

    TwoFast4Lv Guest

    DANG IT! it isn't Catch me if you can but I can not remember it :(

    i have it on VHS but every thing is packed up to move to our new house sorry

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