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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by z284pwr, Dec 2, 2007.

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    I know there are plenty of toy users on here so I thought I would see if anyone has any suggestions/ideas on toy/toys to try.

    We've had plenty of toys over time but the S.O. has always gone back to the same toy everytime, mainly just because its easy to use during sex which she really likes.

    So we've been thinking about trying something different..

    Does anyone have any suggestions on toys that are clit style vibrator *nothing that penetrates* such as maybe a "strap" hands free style butterfly or whatever kind of vibrator I think it was? Or something that would allow her to use it during sex and not have to sit and hold it, that kind of bugs her but thats the only way she can get off during sex. If not maybe something that is just a good vibrator that won't be to annoying for her to use during sex. She has already gone through 2 normal "G-Spot" vibrators you can get at like Spencer's in a mall. They are simple and she just goes back to them time and time again during sex and by herself.
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    They make manual simulators that have either a skinny curved, or skinny flexible head. That would probably allow her to more or less rest her arm and hand while use during sex by giving her a little reach and some control over pressure. I would provide a link, but I cannot go there from my employer's PC.

    Try JT's stockroom though.

    And, alternatively if she is not hell bent on a toy to get her clit going, you could invest some extra time in eating her out before sex. Get her to the brink, get her very sensitive and the pressure and pounding of your body against her clit should do the trick.
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    I've owned a few of the wearble "strap" clit stimulators, tehy were good but becaus eo fmy physiology and my bf's body, would not stay on target during sex so I have to hold them there to get it to feel REALLY good on my clit. Also, what have done is just invested in a good Bullet vibe an dsome medical tape. tape that little fucker in place, turn it on, and then rip and ride...
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    Not exactly small and convenient, but the Hitachi Magic Wand is still my ultimate favorite.

    It plugs into the wall... need I say more?
  7. PurpleSplat

    PurpleSplat Guest is a good place for toys and there are reviews as well...
    There's a 50% code that might still be valid to get 50% off your first purchase... the code is "blue" w/out the quotes.

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