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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Bugalu, Feb 20, 2008.

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    Well my friend and I recently rented out a house near the beach in LA area. The house is VERY old and grandma styled. We are looking to upgrade at least our rooms and the hallway going to them and the living room. We cant touch some of the rooms, dont ask why. We arn't looking to put lots of money into the house but making it modern would help us to live there and also help with the ladies situation.

    His room has been painted a very bright blue with white accents.

    My room is a "grasshopper" green with white accents.

    We are looking for suggestions on what color to paint the hallway. The carpet in the hallway is a off white color with a hint (very light) of green. We cant change the carpet. It is a somewhat well lit hallway with central recessed style lighting.

    I suggested a brown color with black and white paintings/pictures in the hallway.

    I can take photo's of it currently if you would like tonight.

    Any suggestions?

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    take photos :o

    If it's small/narrow, brown is going to be disastrous, imo.

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