Looking into buying a suspension kit for the 67 chevelle

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by uofapeter, Jan 22, 2009.

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    The suspension on the Chevelle is completely shot. I'm looking at a couple different options and wanted your input.

    I really only use it for cruising so i don't need a race suspension but would like improved handling, cornering, and generally a more sporty ride. Right now it feels like a boat and nearly every bushing is shot to hell. I've seen a bunch of different kits online but I'm not sure what i should really be focusing on.

    these guys are in phoenix and they seem to have some good stuff, here is the kit i'm looking at:


    There is also this kit off summit. Its pricey and includes parts that aren't in the other kit, like tie rod sleeves and trailing arms but also doesn't include shocks.

    I am a real noob when it comes to suspension and am not sure what parts are vital for improvement and which are unnecessary.

    Any advice appreciated.

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