SPORTS Looking like a cyborg, Fedor says fuck you to NJAC and plans to compete in Sambo


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Oct 22, 2005

Fedor Emelianenko's participation in Combat Sambo ignores a 90-day medical suspension issued by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board for head strikes following the loss to Antonio Silva. ...The state regulatory agency also prohibited Emelianenko from fighting pending a CT scan of his head and facial bones.

Representatives for Emelianenko did not respond to questions about the heavyweight's decision to compete despite athletic commission medical suspensions.

The NJACB did not immediately respond to inquires regarding the potential consequences of Emelianenko's participation in the tournament.


Feb 9, 2001
<he wont be participating> :(

Fedor [Emelyanenko] and President M-1 Of global Vadim [Finkelshteyn] commented the resolution of athletic commission, which forbade to soldier to participate in that starting on February 26 the championship of Russia on the combat of SAMBO (unarmed self-defense) Fedor [Emelyanenko]: I greatly wanted to appear on the championship of Russia, because greatly I love SAMBO. In practice entire my life I dealt with this form of single combats. It is it's a pity, that I cannot participate, since athletic commission is insured and does not permit me to come out. If we go against their solution, then they can disqualify me. I pass this championship in order to come out in combat M-1. Vadim [Finkelshteyn]: For us it became unexpected contingency, that Fedor will not be able to come out on the championship of Russia on the combat of SAMBO. In America there are its rules. Doctor did not permit continuing to Fedor battle. After duel asked as his health. Fedor felt himself well. They said to us, as there will be time, it is necessary to conduct scanning. We did not have time to pass inspection, since Fedor flew away. According to their law, if there is no laminography, then they reinsure in order to protect soldiers and their health. When in the press communications about the participation of Fedor in the combat of SAMBO appeared, I obtained the letter from the athletic commission, in which discussion centered on the fact that it will not be able to participate in the contact forms of single combats in the flow of three months, t to its battle was stopped on the decision of doctor. We respect the opinion of commission, and we have its obligations. Fedor greatly wanted to participate in this tournament. To us it is very it's a pity, but rules are rules.

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