Looking to buy a new laptop for gaming. Advice?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by MB300E87, Aug 1, 2006.

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    I've been searching through OT most of this morning and much of yesterday (bored at work) so i've read a lot of stuff in here already. I've decided which brands i want to stay away from based on what many of you have already stated before.

    basically i'm looking to replace my desktop with a laptop that will be used for email, cruising the internet, and playing WoW.

    my current desktop is big, loud, and bulky but it works. I have no previous experience with laptops and because of that i'm not sure what spec's i should go for to run WoW the way it should be played. smoothly, graphics at moderate levels, that sort of thing. i've got a gig of RAM in my desktop and a decent enough graphics card.

    i was looking at Asus and saw some good things. Can anyone give me some advice on some spec's i should look for? 1gig of RAM, processor, name brand graphics card necessary or are these "graphics accelerators" at 128mb fine? i really don't know.

    my budget is up to $1500 and no more.

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    Wanna buy mine? :x:

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