A&P Love this artist - Christine Redfern. Video clip attached

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    This version has sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds8kIgSUVnI

    She made a video called "Who Knows" and populated the cells with charcoals. The gallery is in Toronto. I bought Corn and Sleep.

    I wanted to share some talent (because I have none!).

    The artist is Christine Redfern and the art scene in Montreal/Toronto is starting to latch on to her. Katharine Mulherin had the exhibit at her gallery: http://www.katharinemulherin.com/dynamic/exhibit_artist.asp?ExhibitID=87.

    Other images of her work: http://lux.ca/art/redfern/index.htm

    So glad to get out of my art collecting rut. Can't wait until her next show. Hoping I can entice some of the galleries here in Los Angeles to showcase her art.
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