Lowering Lipoprotein a Lp (a)

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by unrealii, Mar 5, 2006.

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    May 6, 2001
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    So CALI
    Weight: 153
    Height: 5'9"
    BMI: 16% - per electronic scale
    Diet: Healthy, low fat, 2-3 fruits a day, no red meat.
    Activiity: I jog about an hour sat, sun. Been too busy at work to do anything else.

    Blood results: Measured---Normal
    HDL----------49---------- >40
    LDL----------104----------<130 or 80 - not sure
    Lp (a)--------138---------<32?

    My Lipoprotein a level is about 137.4. I believe the normal level is 32 for a caucasian male, however I am Indian, so I dont know what the normal level would be. I know it should not be close to 137.4

    After doing some research, it seems that a combination of the following "could" lower my lp (a).
    -niacin vitamin
    -l carnitine
    -l proline
    -l lysine
    -Vitamin E

    I have been pretty lax on taking the niacin, I will get back to taking a 500mg tablet daily. I get about 160mg from my cholesterol counter formula (http://www.greatearth.com/images/product_images/upload_0000bB.JPG - so far it has been doing an ok job on my cholesterol, been taking only 2 tablets daily, going to go to 4 daily). For the carnitine, proline, lysine, it sometimes causes my heart to randomly surge. I was wondering if this is a common side effect or not and wheter or not it would be safe. I've been lax on the vitamin E as well. Probably once every 4 days I'll remember to take it and I'll take a 400IU dose.

    For cholesterol, I'll sometimes take coq-10 and EFA (omega 3-6-9). I've been lax on these too. So far I have gone 2 years without needing precription statins to lower my cholesterol, however my lp a still remains high. As I mentioned I have been pretty lax with the supplements needed to lower lp a. Just wondering if anyone else has any advice, suggestions, etc.

    Just came across this today: http://www.drlam.com/A3R_brief_in_doc_format/Cholesterol.cfm#Lipoprotein(a) I'm scared shitless right now.
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