LX 50 opinions/COBRA WHEELS?

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by yAHnAHmEEAN, May 28, 2004.

  1. yAHnAHmEEAN

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    heres the story. im about to buy a 92 mustang lx 5.0. im graduating from the rice rockets..any PROS AND CONS?

    oh and i also was wondering if any of you have seen particular cobra rim that has rivetes? i guess they're a two-piece rim.. if so, could you leave a pic or link? thanks people:ughwerd:
  2. Serialpimp

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    There is a huge selection of wheels available for that car, don't get in too big a rush to settle on a certain wheel, you don't want to regret it , a few weeks later when you see something else.

    5.0's are great cars for the money,
    If you are going to do any performance modifications don't bother with all the little bolts ons, go big if you want to see any real increases,
    Heads, Cam, Gears, Clutch, to make the car run hard.

    You can buy just about anything you want for that car used,
    there is so much stuff floating around, you should never have to pay full price.
    Buy your bolt ons used if you want,
  3. Serialpimp

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    Most run 15.0's to 15.3's stock here in Texas,

    I am sure that several ford boys will dispute that, but I will stand behind those numbers since I have had my hands in about 15 fox bodies over the past 8 years
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    Jan 6, 2004
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    that is pretty close to stock numbers, but it doesnt take much to get into the 14's, gears are the best bang for the buck
  5. 5secstrtcar

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    Bogart D-10 's. Awesome wheels.

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