SPORTS Lytle has secret knee surgery, considering retirement


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Mar 20, 2005
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Lytle Had Knee Surgery...

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5 weeks ago and still decided to fight regardless whether it be Condit or the next man.... Chris has been a very close friend of mine and training partner for several years. I can honestly say i've never met another man as tough as this man. 5 weeks ago while training one day Chris tore his meniscus at practice. Had surgury that week at which they had to fully remove all of his meniscus. Took a "week" off to recover and being the tuff ass dude he is decided to tell nobody about the surgery and fight!!! Thats just Chris! He loves to fight and does'nt know how to take a break when he probably should.

Lytle chose to keep the procedure quiet to deflect attention and avoid devaluing Ebersole's win. But after MMA Fighting learned of the injury from two separate sources, Lytle's manager Ken Pavia finally confirmed the surgery, which he said began as an exploratory procedure before the doctor removed the meniscus due to the damage.

Lytle chose to fight, and the ensuing unanimous decision loss to Ebersole marked the end of a four-fight win streak. It could also possibly bring a close to his career.

"He's considering his options, and retirement is one of them," said manager Ken Pavia, who added that Lytle is likely to take some time before making any decision. "He'll never use that stuff as an excuse, and the reason he tried to keep this quiet is because he wants to make sure that Ebersole gets all the credit in the world for his win, and for livening up the fight."

What a fucking class act! Another reason why I love this guy

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