MMA M-1 Challenge, Roman Zentsov, Daniel Tabera

Discussion in 'OT Bar' started by Beepsandbuzzes, Aug 26, 2008.

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    Last night at 2am a full event was shown on tv here, M-1 Challenge, held in St Petersburg. Apparently it was from April this year (I was under the impression I was watching it live). It was a strange event with 5 Korean fighters fighting 5 fighters from Finland, a kind of country vs country event. There were several superfights. Apparently Alexander Emilianenko fought on ths card in one of the superfights, but that wasn't televised here.
    Here's a poor quality video of his fight, which is his most recent fight. (most of the decent quality vids have been deleted off the net)

    Also Roman Zentsov fought a great match against a Spanish fighter named Daniel Tabera. Tabera has a great groundgame and got robbed in the decision vs Zentsov, presumably due to the event being in Russia where Zentsov had some hometown favouritism go his way. Anyway it's a great back and forth match, Tabera almost submits Zentsov numerous times in the first and Zentsov miraculously muscles himself out of seemingly inevitable choke out/tap outs. Second round Zentsov gets going with some good striking and a couple of glancing headkicks.

    Daniel Tabera seems like a really skilled submission fighter, with a quality record (12-1-2 and that decision loss vs Zentsov is definitely bullshit) it would be great to see him in a bigger org fighting some more quality opponents. Apparently he's fought Gilbert Yvel, I just watched the match and it's a pretty dull fight that ends in a draw. I couldn't find the fight vs Zentsov (which was really spectacular) but here's another good fight of his against French fighter Bryan Rafiq:

    Also I'd love to see Zentsov fighting for one of the bigger orgs again, he's an entertaining heavyweight with some of the heaviest hands in the sport, who we never hear of these days. Even if he hasn't got an outstanding record he's one of those guys worth pitting against guys at the top for entertaining bangfests.

    Anyone have any info/news/stories about these two fighters?
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    Damn thats the best Ive seen Aleks for a while.
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    Where the fk is Fedor's protege! :squint:

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