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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by king_j, Mar 30, 2004.

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    I searched on the M.B sites and didnt come up with much. So im here to ask the offtopic members for some help.
    I have a 1990 300E, I want to replace my factory head unti with a aftermarket piece. Removing the factory unit shouldnt be a problem, but wiring a new one is. DOes anyone know where I can get directions to do this, or can any one of you guys shed some light on me for this procedure.
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    i am replacing my factory unit in a 1990 bmw 325i. Although everyone said i needed the aftermarket harness, it is useless to me as there is no place to plug the harness into. i would pop your radio out and see if there are a bunch of wires plugging into it seperately or if there is one big square that all wires are going into. if its a big square, you can simplify installation by picking up a harness. if the wires seem to come from every which direction, you will need to solder (preferred) or connect the wires that were going into your factory radio to the wires coming out of your new deck. you can find the schematics of the new deck in your manual, if your factory wires are not labeled, you will need to find out which wires are what so you can match them up.
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    freaked me out to see my name in this title.

    wish i could help out too but my dad put the aftermarket head unit in before the car became mine. however i know he probably just had best buy or circuit city or some place like that do it. shouldn't be terribly difficult.

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