Mac Crew Help: FF3 and Leopard Issues

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by PUREVIL, Sep 1, 2008.


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    Im having issues with my imac not remembering my settings for the mouse. I like to have button three for the dashboard, and the side buttons to expose all windows. Until recently it was working fine, now it defaults to NOTHING for those buttons when I restart the machine. After restart I have to go and assign those buttons again.

    Firefox 3 keeps crashing while trying to load my homepage (igoogle). Im running the piclens and unlinker add ons and I tired to disable them but it still crashes. After 8 to 10 restarts of FF3 it finally will work. I even tried having it load a different page, still crashes. Once it doesn't crash FF3 is great.

    So basically now I try and not restart or close FF3 if possible, WTF? TIA!!!

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