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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by manchild, Oct 19, 2005.

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    So, pretty much, from looking arround, i realized all the kickass apps for macs out, and how i can use them etc etc.
    So, i trashed my idea to build a PC, and am going to go with a new Mac. Mac mini is sounding quite delicious, right now.

    Thinking about going with the middle one, i belive combo drive, 80gig HD, 1.42GHz processor, etc etc.

    I was wondering, can I pop the top off, and throw in another 512MB of ram, or does it only take one stick, in which case i would hafta buy a 1 gig stick. I want a total of atleast 1 gig (i think it only suports that much anyways).

    Trying to keep it low budget, i've got a nice optical mouse, and i'm going to order a 15inch LCD flat screen for 150. I'm going to buy an apple keyboard, but other than that keep the Mac Mini how it comes stock (only thing adding to it is an ACPP, and the 512 later on)

    Also, any idea on when apple is going to COMIT to shipping the 1.5 GHz processors? I hear they've been putting in little treats, but nothing is secure, and i've got some time (need like, 250 more dollars)
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