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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by quid, Jan 12, 2007.

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    i currently have the 1.42 ghz mini, from when they first came out. so 256mb ram, no bluetooth, no airport.

    i was holding out for the core2 duo upgrade to the minis to buy my next one, but im sort of tired of waiting.

    which brings me to my question, how much faster would a 1.83 core duo be than my 1.42 G4 (which is upgraded to 1gb ram)? im planning on picking up the new one tomorrow, but am wondering if it will really be worth it to wait longer (i've been waiting since ~november).

    oh, and im pretty set on the mini, not really looking for a mac book if anyone was going to recommend that. and im probably going to use the money from the sale of my G4 mini for 2gb ram for the new one.
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    I was for sure the mac mini c2d was coming out at macworld.

    oh well :wtc:

    I'm sure the day you buy your Core Duo, about 3 days later they will release the c2d mini. i'd wait.

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