Mac OSX 10.2 and 98SE network?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Blindsight, Jun 27, 2003.

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    My friend's dad has a iMac with OSX 10.2 on it, and a Dell with 98SE on it. He has been trying forever to make them talk to eachother over a crossover cable. I messed with them for a while, but OSX 10.2's so-called "first time, every time Windows networking" refuses to play nicely with the Dell.

    I know it will work with a proper network instead of a xover cable. Would you guys recommend he get a hub, router, or a switch to network his computers? He only has 56k BTW, and I do not know how he wants to setup his connection (ie shared or only one computer uses it)...

    I think he should get a router (NOT A DLINK :rofl: ) but I thought I would ask the networking pros in here first :wiggle:

    Thanks :big grin:

    (The stupid thing is both computers have CD burners and it would be 1000 times easier for him to just burn CDs :uh: )
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    MacOS X has Samba built in. Just go to the "Go"->"Connect to Server" menu and then type in the smb://computername/sharename/

    EDIT: I'm not sure about the crossover cable. Macs have autosensing ethernet cards meaning you don't need a crossover cable to connect two of them together. I doubt the PC has this so it shouldn't even matter, but maybe that's causing problems. Try a hub if you have one for him to borrow, see if that'll work if you cannot get the above suggestion to work.
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    Okay, cool.. I knew it had Samba, but I didn't know the format to type in for the "connect to server" thing.

    Hopefully I can get it working :x:

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