Mac users !!HELP!! iPod troubles

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Dipster, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. Dipster

    Dipster Guest

    Alrighty heres my mac...

    The right side of it...


    the right port on the keyboard bleh..


    aaand finally the left port on the keyboard...


    pics just so...everyone can pick up what im putting down...

    WELL! i got an iPod for christmas and i cant use it because... no there...anyway i can buy somthing firewire related and plug it in somewhere to get my iPod rolling...or do i just have a little 10 gig hard drive to walk around with....:( :dunno: help meeeeee
  2. JazzHound

    JazzHound Guest

    I don't know if Apple makes them, but the PC equivalent would be a Firewire card. I'd say all computers today are made to accomodate firewire, Apple and PC though more prevelent on the Macs cuz they bloody invented the thing!! I'm sure your Pod entitles you to some support. Call them and ask what to do.

    BTW, hot-linking from that server isn't working. We cannot see any pictures.
  3. Dipster

    Dipster Guest

    well shite....

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