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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by severedties, Jun 25, 2008.

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    ok, so i have .mac set up and everything. I currently have 3 computers i go through, 1 pc, 1 imac, and 1 mb. When i sign into my .mac account on the pc and imac, the bookmarks from .mac work fine, but when i try to click on the bookmark from my mb, it opens the new page in the same window as the bookmarks.

    on my other 2 computers when i click on the new bookmark, it would open it as a new tab on my current window (firefox)

    the bookmark window is always its own window, so on the mb, it opens it as a second tab in the bookmark window, but there is no address bar, back or forward arrows, etc.

    i have the " Always open pages in a new browser window." clicked, but it doesnt matter, it wont listen. any idea on how to change? :hsd:
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    theirs little point to solving this, if about 2 weeks .mac becomes mobileme and bookmarks disappear.

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