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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by SmugZombie, Mar 15, 2010.

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    I appologize if you saw this in the main allready. But i figured this may be a better place.

    Can I has copies of your CD's that came with it?

    My dumbass roomate threw my Macbook Pro box away... and of course, it had the fucking cd's in it.

    It came with two cd's - 1 being OSX Snow Leopard and the other being A driver cd for bootcamp amongst other things like ilife.

    I wanted to contact apple and see if I can get copies from them, but complimentary service over the phone is up for me and they dont seem to accept email for anything other than stuff like itunes store and mobile me.

    I am sereously fucking pissed - Im sure the box was in my bedroom but its fucking gone now.

    If you're not comfortable with sharing your OSX cd thats cool, can I atleast have the ilife + drivers for bootcamp cd?

    Oh and I tried to BT the 2nd cd but came up with no luck finding it. The osx cd is least of my worries at this point cause i can find one of those easily.

    CLIFFS: LOST Macbook Pro CD's - Need Replacements (from you... pending ur a macbook pro owner)

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    you can buy a retail OSX disc for under $30 basically anywhere
    download iLife off BT
    and the bootcamp drivers disc you can make yourself...

    just saying...

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