made a mistake and dont know coarse of action to take, suggestions/help

Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by quamen, Oct 22, 2008.

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    First off i realize i cannot be in a relationship because i have a few issues to deal with. I was hanging out with a girl as friends for nearly 7 months and she wanted me to ask her out, so i finally did but felt sort of obligated. She is nice, we have fun, but i feel her being 20 and me 26 were at different stages of our life. We started having sex recently, and yes i know im older but im completely paranoid/something mentally wrong with me that i feel she will get pregnant and i don't want kids right now. She takes the pill, recently switched to another one, and we have protected sex but im still paranoid she will get pregnant so i realize i cant have a gf at the moment until i get issues with myself straightened out. every scenerio will run into my head, like she switched bc and stopped taking it for 2 days until she switched to the new one, even though i used a condom, i still think she is pregnant like im paranoid and cant stop thinking about it.

    Next i dont know what to say to her because she really likes me, and i feel like a complete idiot for committing to a relationship and i feel like i will break her heart. we have been only going out for a couple weeks, and i just dont like the feeling at the moment. she is going to hate me and get all emotional and i feel like the biggest dirt bag, because i don't want to hurt her. i dont know what to tell her exactly, but i really feel i have issues with myself i have to work out before getting involved with anyone.
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    You could have just updated your last thread on this you know....

    Break it off with her, even prior to her you needed to be single and work through your issues. You're not going to break her heart. You will break her heart by staying with her and not working through your shit and dumping her even later. Get over yourself and your fear of being the "bad guy." It's life. People move on, she's only 20, she'll be fine as will you.
  3. dont know how to help w. part 1... your pregnancy paranoia. you are being safe, just relax.

    on part two i know the feeling. i knew this girl for awhile while i was taken. when i became single she started coming on strong. i caved in said "fuck it, shes cool and cute why not".

    after 2 weeks i became bored and wanted out. i broke it off right away bc i knew the longer i waited the worse for her. she appreciated it and we remained friends.

    that is.... until i started dating another girl two weeks later and she thought that was why i broke up w. her.... although it was not.

    so minus what happened later, it went well bc she appreciated my honesty.

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