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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Spinkick, May 18, 2005.

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    I've started an experiment. I'm trying to use my mail 2.0 like google where you dont really have folders, but just smart folders. Everything seems to be working ok but my mind is trying to convince me to go back to the old way of using rules and fileing the email all over. Is anyone else trying the smart folders only approach? It seems ok, and now that mail 2.0 keeps every email in a seperate file, we dont stand the chance of corrupting an email database. There is some guy on the net with like 21k email's using smart folders and he says it seems faster than when he was using folders.

    Let me know. Just curious on what everyone thinks. With smart folders only ive cut down my rules to like, 4. Although you could say that all the rules have basically transfered to the smart folders.
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    I have set up a couple of Smart Folders myself. However, I have noticed that it keeps the original message in the Inbox. I know that isnt such a big deal but I don't like a cluttered Inbox. I might set up a couple of regular folders to file away some of the emails.

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