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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by 94Accord, Jul 14, 2003.

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    Ever since I got my car back together (2 months ago), after driving it for ~15mins or so. The car becomes very sluggish, vtec doesn't work, and the car will not rev past 52xx rpms, it will in neutral, but it makes a popping noise as it pasts 52xx rpms. For the 1st 15mins or so, vtec works, and the car runs perfectly. Also after the car starts acting up, it will begin to idle high, sometimes as high as 2500rpms. It idles normally at 1st as well. I have replaced the o2 sensor, and that was not the culprit. I have an a/f guage and an oil pressure guage, both read normal. One of the local Honda Shops here stays all symptoms points to a clogged CAT. I however, do not have a CAT, my exhaust is a Kamikazi Header modified w/ a 2.5" collector, to 2.5" piping to a universal 2.5" muffler that dumps under the car, in front of the gas tank, so my exhaust is FAR from being clogged. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, i haven't been able to participate in any autoxs or HPDEs, in the past 2months because of this :wtc:

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