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    Beginners guide to webhosting.

    Everybody (or almost) has a website. It makes it possible for them to post pictures of their family, friends. Post articles that they have written, generally to express themselves. Even businesses are realizing the need and potential of having a website.

    Are you planning on putting up one of your own? Maybe for personal use or business use? I you are, this article should help you make an informed decision when picking a webhost, one of two steps required if you want to have presence online.

    I will be using the following features of a hosting provider as example because I think this will make it easier to understand.

    1. Free Web Hosting Setup
    - This basically means that your hosting provider does the setting up of your account. You do not need to know any technical jargons or "have your hands dirty". This is becoming a norm these days.
    2. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    - A high uptime guarantee is required if you want your site to be online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This also means that visitors are able to access your site, customers are able to access your site.
    - This translates to more visitors, more customers, and ultimately money.
    3. Instant Online Activation
    - Most webhosting providers have manual activation, which means you have to wait a couple of days before your account is approved. You might want to look at hosts that offer Instant Online Activation - so that you can upload your files right away and enjoy your website.
    4. 24/7 Tech Support - This I think is a requirement. Not many internet users are tech savvy. They WILL run into problems sooner or later. A 24/7 Tech Support means that a tech rep is always there, ready to help you when you are in a rut.
    5. A 30-day Money Back Guarantee
    - You worked hard to earn that money. Don't let that money go down the drain by picking a webhost that doesn't offer a money back guarantee. You get to try their service. If you're not satisfied, they return your money within 30 days. You have nothing to lose.
    6. 20000MB bandwidth a month
    - Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred by your account in a given time, usually in Megabytes a month.

    How does this work? Let me explain by giving an example:
    Suppose you have a 100MB file on your webpage and your webhost allots you 1000MB of bandwidth a month. Visitor A takes a look at the file and decides to download it. If visitor A successfully downloaded the 100MB file, your account now have used 100MB of 1000MB. Now let's say there are 10 visitors who have successfully downloaded the 100MB file. How much bandwidth did you use? Correct! 100MB x 10 = 1000MB. You have used up all 1000MB of bandwidth.

    The 20000MB bandwidth is more than enough for you to start your website, with room for additional bandwidth should your site become popular.
    7. 1000MB space
    - They call it webspace, some call hostspace, I prefer to call it disk space. There is a simple rule in this, more space = more stuff to store. Typical webhosts offer 100MB or 300MB even 2Gb!
    - Store more pictures. Store more music. Store more E-mail. Store more audio. Now you can start that photo gallery or that family tree website.
    8. UNLIMITED E-Mail accounts
    - Give your friends an e-mail account on your website! Email such as [email protected] - Now isn't that nice?
    9. UNLIMITED Subdomains
    - Subdomains are basically subfolders within your account. Some webhosts limit the number of subdomains that an account will have. In this example, the webhost allowed the account to have unlimited domains. With unlimited subdomains, you may host your friends' website or other websites as well.
    10. Support for PHP and MySQL
    - An example of a PHP MySQL script is this board, the board. This is also an example of what others term as dynamic pages or websites.
    - You can run dynamic websites that use the PHP programming language and the MySQL database language. You can also install these scripts via a control panel within your account. You don't have to learn technical stuff.
    11. File Manager
    - Manage your files on your account on one spot! Copy, Delete and move files easily. Browse files you have uploaded effortlessly.
    12. A member of the Better Business Bureau
    - The Better Business Bureau makes sure that customers are served right by businesses. You might want to deal with webhosts that have the BBB logo on their site as well as on the BBB website.

    Well, that'll be all for now and I hope this clears some things for you. Information about the hosting provider I used as example is on my site. Goodluck to your website! If want to know more, please do visit my website,
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