Making it in a low income area, traveling workers. Any of you make it in this area??

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by quamen, Jan 3, 2004.

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    Well this is what is holding me back so much, about jumping into detailing.
    I so want to do it so bad as a full time job, and a living for now until i graduate college. Even after do it on the side.

    My biggest worry is about the state I live in and the people here. I see nice cars then I see a alot of crappy cars. I live in Pa, about 30 mintues from the gap to New Jersey. Here it seems like there alot of junk cars and then you have your nice one. Most people commute back and forth from Jersey back here to Pa to live.

    My biggest threat, am I going to be able to get alot of cars to detail and are people going to want their cars detailed? I noticed a shop down the road and the sign is gone already, it seems like he went out of business. He just opened as well, but I dont know. He didnt have good equipement or good work ethic from what i have seen, and did mostly dealer trade in nasty cars. He didnt advertise etiher, but anways.

    Anyone you guy live in a region or state that has a lower than average income,but still make a good living detailing? I still live with parents so im not looking for a full income to support a home or anything, but a nice chunk so i can go to college full time in the winter and not work.

    I guess one good thing is that there are so many developments it is unreal. So i know these people have some kind of loot cause they are nice houses. I did a "drive by" to check what kind of cars were outside and it was a toss up. Some new and some old.

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