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    Hi everyone do you want to get wealthy?
    Yes I thought so this is how it works

    Read this instruction and follow it.

    Here we go:

    1) You need a paypal account -> go to (you don't need a

    credit card!!!) You also can use stormpay - both are totally free

    2) Go to click on register and fill in your email

    and your paypal information

    3) Your done

    4) go t and search for anything u want !!! U will get

    2cent for every search... this means that you make a minimum of $292 a year that's nice pocked money isn't it

    That's it

    Enjoy getting free money for searching the web !!

    If you have any doubts you can make a new paypall or stormpay account with nothing on it and you can try and you will see everything is risk free.
    over 225.000 mebers and $8000 payd this month for proof
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    Farking spammer

    Mods - bannination please!

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