SRS Man, my mind is clusterfocked so bad

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Dentyne, Feb 1, 2007.

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    Jan 20, 2007
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    So after months of putting up with this chick I liked constantly standing me up for b/s reasons. I FINALLY ex-communicated mysef with her. Man, that's some hard stuff to do.
    She got pissed, and decided to talk smack to friends.
    I erased her off my myspace (my profile is private) and she would login under her sisters name (a friend of mine) and leave b/s message on my fridge thingy

    But now, she is leaving me messages how she was just mad, and she is sorry, etc etc etc.

    and I feel bad.

    I have been talking again to this chick I knew in H/S. I had the hugest crush on her, but I had no balls and was scared of rejection.
    Since then she is married (but they dont get along at all) and i have heard everyone say they are only together still because of their 2 kids.
    I know her somewhat well now, and I have friends that know her real well. They all agree she doesnt fool around at all, which makes the next part real confusing.

    Her friend hangs out with us. I have found out that she likes me, and is asking around if anyone thinks i like her back (sounds gay) She is cool and all, and I plan on going out with her some.
    Then a few nights ago, the friend in h/s just straight busts out and tells me that she always wanted me to ask her out back in h/s. and she has thought about it since then.:hsd: But she realized she is married so nothing can happen.

    Later this night, we are all at my place just goofing off (about 5 of us) same as always. Well somehow it ends up just us 2 in the room for a few minutes(old friend and me). And well somehow things got a little out of control. ..... and no, we werent real drunk ... and she initiated it.

    all this shit put together has me wondering WTF should I do??????

    excuse the unorganized crap, my mind isnt thinking straight.
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    Stop with the cheating and tell her to make up her mind before you do anything else. She may not like the guy anymore, but she is married.
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    if she'll do it to him, whats to stop her from doing it to you?

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